These booking conditions supercede any previous conditions that may have been in force.

    A booking may be accepted by us by phone, email, post or via our on-line booking system. When you book with us you are entering into a contract with Knowle Farm LLP a limited liability partnership (hereafter referred to as Knowle Farm) and this contract is subject to your acceptance of our booking conditions. If we agree to take your booking over the phone or from details provided by letter or email you will be deemed to have read and accepted the booking conditions. All bookings are subject to these conditions and if you do not accept the conditions then your booking will not be valid. Should we request you send us additional confirmation that you have read and accepted the booking conditions and you fail to do so, or subsequently decide you will not accept the booking conditions, the cancellation conditions will apply as if you had given notice to cancel and you may forfeit any payments already made in accordance with those conditions. Once we have accepted a booking you are legally bound by the booking and will be responsible for the full cost of the booking. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if for any reason we believe you may not comply with the booking conditions and in this event the cancellation conditions will apply as if you had given notice to cancel.

    To secure your booking you must use the on-line booking system to be found on our website or contact us via phone or email, and in any event you will need to make payment prior to your booking being confirmed. In all cases payment must be made of either the full cost of the holiday if within eight weeks of the starting date, or a deposit of 30% of the full cost of the holiday, in accordance with the tariff published at the time of your reservation on our website and confirmed by us at the time of your reservation. The balance of your payment must be paid to us prior to eight weeks before the starting date. Reminders for the balance are not sent automatically and you are responsible for remembering to pay us on time. We reserve the right to cancel the booking without any refund should the balance not be received by its due date and you will remain responsible for the balance due for the booking should we be unable to rebook the same period.

  3. VAT
    If applicable the price published will include VAT. Should the rate of VAT alter or the Government impose any other charge or levy on our business that effects our costs at any time, before or after you have made your booking, then we reserve the right to add these costs onto the cost of the holiday. VAT no. 854 4972 87.

    We do not normally accept bookings from groups or parties requiring more than one cottage at a given time and we would stress that our cottages and facilities are most suitable for families with children rather than adult only groups. We must be advised at the time of making a reservation if you are part of any such group or if you have friends or family staying at the same time in another cottage or cottages. We reserve the right to cancel any such booking or require the occupants to leave immediately if we discover they are part of such a booking. We may make exceptions to the multiple cottage booking or group booking at certain times of the year but this will be at our sole discretion and when we are told at the time of an enquiry and prior to a reservation.  A damage/extra cleaning deposit will be payable in advance for any multiple cottage booking or adult only group. We will make a charge for any such costs arising. When two or more cottages are let together to a group it is conditional that no items within are moved between the cottages and in the event that we find this has occurred we reserve the right to make a penalty charge of a minimum of £30 per cottage to fully check and rectify the inventory in each cottage.

    Whilst you are paying a fee to stay at Knowle Farm which includes the use of the cottage premises stated on the booking form along with the facilities and services provided at Knowle Farm, the cottage premises and all the facilities remain under the direct control of the owners of Knowle Farm and you accept that you do not acquire any legal interest in the cottage premises or the facilities at any time. You further accept that we remain in legal occupation of the cottage premises and retain control over them, whilst we in turn agree to provide the use of the cottage premises, the facilities and services we offer to you. We reserve the right to enter the cottage premises at any time should we require to do so and where we consider it necessary. We will of course endeavour not to intrude upon your privacy but this will be at our sole discretion.  Some services will be charged for separately and these are detailed within our website or within the information contained in the cottage. Guests are not permitted to bring PETS onto the farm or into the cottages. Should we discover that a pet or pets have been brought onto the farm you will be in breach of the booking conditions and your booking will be cancelled and you will be required to leave immediately. There will be no exceptions to this condition apart from registered Guide Dogs for the Blind or other registered 'Care/Assistance' Dogs for the physically impaired and should you be dependant upon such a dog you must tell us at the time you make your booking as this may impact upon ourfuture guests and our cleaning regime for the cottage.

    If you wish to cancel your holiday for the dates booked then you must send us written notice to this effect and it is your responsibility to ensure we have received this notice. In any event you will remain liable for the full cost of your holiday for the period booked. Should we be successful in re-letting the same period in your cottage then a refund may be made less any additional administration expenses. These additional expenses will be charged at a minimum of £25 but may exceed this amount. In order to secure a new booking we reserve the right to reduce the price we re-let the cottage at. This will be at our sole discretion and any shortfall from the original price will be deducted from the refund made in addition to our administration expenses. It is strongly recommended that you purchase cancellation insurance to cover this eventuality. Failure to purchase suitable insurance will have no bearing on your liability to us for the full cost of the holiday accommodation.

    The facilities detailed on our website &/or other advertisements will be maintained to the best of our ability. They may alter at any time and circumstances may mean that some facilities may not always be available due to maintenance or breakdown or other reason beyond our control. In this event we regret no refund of any part of the cost of your holiday will be made. For the purpose of this condition we include our  land, animals and all livestock under the term 'facilities'.

    On arrival you will be asked to read details relating to your stay at Knowle Farm. These are conditions that we require you to know about, both in respect of safety as well as the conditions of using certain 'facilities'. They are important for everyones sake (including the animals) and these conditions must be adhered to.

    The pool is unattended and you must adhere to the conditions of use contained within the information booklet to be found within your cottage.  

    You will remain responsible for all damage and breakages within the cottage and the 'facilities' of Knowle Farm. It will be your responsibility to report to us details of these and to reimburse us the cost of repair, replacement and any other resulting costs as may be determined by us and at our sole discretion. You are required to ensure that the cottage is kept and left in a clean and tidy condition and are responsible for any extra cleaning expenses we may incur should you fail to do so. Should any items be found to be already damaged or broken at the time of your arrival you must inform us immediately and in any event within 24 hours of arrival and we will endeavour to repair or replace these items.

    We may require payment of a damage &/or extra cleaning deposit at the time the balance for your holiday is paid. This will be advised at the time and will be held against any such costs arising, to be returned less any such costs only once we have had the opportunity to fully check the cottage after your departure. In the event that we have to make a charge for extra cleaning or any other reason this will be at a minimum of £30 but it may be more and the amount will be at our sole discretion.

    All our cottage premises and facilities are non smoking.

    Your booking at Knowle Farm will run from 3.00pm on the day of arrival until 10.00am on the day of departure. Entry to the cottage premises prior to 3.00pm will not be permitted without prior agreement and on the day of departure the cottage must be vacated of all belongings by the 10.00am deadline so that clear access is available for our cleaners at that time.

  14. FUEL
    We include all reasonable and responsible usage of fuel used within your cottage during your stay and in the interests of the environment and costs ask and expect our guests to minimise their usage and take all measures to avoid wastage. We publish our fuel policy in the information found within each cottage and this includes the allowance given to our guests for usage. If usage does go beyond this allowance we reserve the right to make a charge for usage over and above that allowance. We also reserve the right to enter a cottage where we feel excessive wastage of fuel may be occurring in order to switch off appliances or lighting or heating (for example lights left on whilst the cottage is not occupied during the day or heating left on with windows wide open). We will read the meters in your cottage prior to your departure and it is your responsibility to inform us when you are about to depart. If you wish to leave early you must give us advance notice of this fact.

    We cannot be held responsible for any interruption or irregularity in the supply of electricity, gas, oil and water or in respect of TV and radio reception or in respect of phone &/or internet availability. Internet access via WiFi is provided on the strict condition that it is not used for any illegal activity such as sharing or downloading copyrighted files or accessing illegal content. We reserve the right to terminate any guests' internet access should we have reason to believe it is being used in this way. We do not guarantee the security of the information which you may transmit or receive using our internet and you accept that it is your responsibility to protect your information and have adequate security (in terms of equipment and procedures) to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of your information and data. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the Internet Services you access and do not guarantee that any services are error or virus free. 

    You remain responsible for the supervision of your children, or any adult requiring care, at all times. This includes the use of any of the facilities, or around livestock, or whilst walking any of the land at Knowle Farm. We recommend that children are supervised at all times.

    It is your responsibility to inform us when you are about to depart as we reserve the right to check the cottage and read the fuel meters prior to departure.  If you wish to leave early you must give us advance notice of this fact.  

    Should you leave any items behind when you depart we will be happy to return these to you should we find them. You will need to call us first to request this and there will be a charge of a minimum of £5.00 plus the cost of postage to cover our expenses (the minimum of £5 may be higher depending upon the item) . We cannot be held responsible for any items lost whilst at Knowle Farm or for any items lost once we have posted them to you.

    We cannot accept responsibility or any liability for accidents, injury or sickness to visitors/guests or damage to their property during their stay. Also you must be aware that many of our animals and birds have free range of the farm and will spend time around the cottages, car park and other buildings as well as elsewhere on the farm. The behaviour of animals and birds can be unpredictable and when you book with us you accept that this is the case and that any damage or injury caused by them is at your own risk.

    (i) The cottage premises and the 'facilities' at Knowle Farm are for the use solely of those named in the booking form. You are not permitted to invite others to come to Knowle Farm to use the cottage premises or 'facilities' without confirming with us in advance. 
    (ii) The number of people occupying a cottage premises must not exceed the number of beds advertised for that cottage.
    (iii) The rules and conditions are expressly to protect the cottages and 'facilities' at Knowle Farm from misuse and to try to ensure both the safety of our guests as well as the enjoyment of all our guests. Booking with us, whether on-line via our website, via the phone, via email or via any other manner, means that you have agreed to abide by all the conditions on behalf of yourself and all guests staying in your party, including any conditions stated in the cottage or elsewhere around the farm. We reserve the right to require any guests to leave immediately, without refund, if their conduct is considered by us to infringe these rules and conditions.

    Knowle Farm is also a member of Premier Cottages Limited, a professional collective of independent luxury cottage owners. Premier Cottages promotes our properties on our behalf as well as other luxury cottages. As members of Premier Cottages we would like to give them your information so that they can contact you about quality properties that you might like. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time as detailed in our Privacy & Cookie Policy.

    Knowle Farm LLP is registered OC414784 as a limited liability partnership.