We have just adopted six hens that, up until now, had spent their entire lives living in tiny indoor cages. They are so cramped and so bored that they resort to plucking each other's feathers out, making them look like this. Unfortunately this is the reality for around half of the UK's egg laying hens.

These six are just getting used to their surroundings here at Knowle Farm, before being let out to be fully free range. For the first time they will be able to walk on and eat grass (yes, they like eating grass!), socialise properly with other chickens, and explore the ground for bugs and other treasures.

In a few weeks their feathers will regrow and they'll be unrecognisable. They will also continue to lay eggs, except these will be far tastier than any they laid in their old cages thanks to the natural diet they'll be enjoying.

If you have a garden with a little bit of space, and fancy giving some of these girls an amazing new home (and if you like the idea of being thanked with delicious, free, eggs), then visit the website of the brilliant British Hen Welfare Trust.